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Savor the award-winning taste of Big Dog Sauce Company’s Dark Cherry Bourbon Sauce, now available in a variety of wholesale sizes to meet your needs. Choose from 1-gallon jugs, full cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles, and half cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles. Please note that cases cannot be mixed and matched.

Our Dark Cherry Bourbon Sauce combines the deep, rich flavors of dark cherries with the smooth, smoky notes of aged bourbon, creating a luxurious sauce that is perfect for elevating any meal. This gourmet blend has earned accolades for its complex flavor profile that is both bold and refined.

Crafted with all-natural ingredients and free from additives and preservatives, our sauce offers a premium, health-conscious choice for marinating meats, enhancing desserts, or as a stand-out addition to your sauce selection. Each jug or bottle delivers a taste of sophistication that promises to impress your customers.

Stock up on our award-winning Dark Cherry Bourbon Sauce in your preferred packaging options and provide your patrons with a touch of elegance and an unforgettable flavor experience that only Big Dog Sauce Company can offer.

Dark Cherry Bourbon - Wholesale

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