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Introducing Big Dog Sauce Company’s Green Chile Verde Sauce, now available in a variety of wholesale sizes to suit your needs. Choose from 1-gallon jugs, full cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles, and half cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles. Please note that cases cannot be mixed and matched.

This sauce blends the vibrant flavors of all-natural vegetables with the sweetness of pure honey, creating a healthy and irresistible option for your culinary lineup. Our Green Chile Verde Sauce is crafted from the freshest ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, embodying the true essence of wholesome cooking.

These jugs and bottles are perfect for marinating or as a staple condiment on your meat counter, offering a nutritious yet delicious choice that caters to health-conscious consumers. Stock our Green Chile Verde Sauce in your store, and provide your customers with a flavorful, healthy addition that elevates any meal. Perfect for those who appreciate natural goodness and vibrant taste in their dishes.

Green Chile Verde - Wholesale

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