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About Us

Meet the Big Dogs who are 

Crafting Bold Flavors to Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Introducing Big Dog Sauce Company, where the spirit of sauce-making was born in the heart of Denver, Colorado. But our passion for crafting the most delectable, all-natural sauces truly came to life in the picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire. We're not just about sauces; we're about igniting your taste buds with an insatiable desire for more. With a genesis rooted in family gatherings and culinary creativity, we received resounding accolades for our unique flavor profiles, exquisite quality, and irresistibly tantalizing blends. The clamor for our sauces was so intense that in 2022, our founder Dan joined forces with his good friend Mike to bring the magic to the masses. The result? The birth of Big Dog Sauce Company, offering four signature sauces and a mouthwatering array of seasonal delights:

🍁 Maple BBQ
🍇 Blackberry Sauce

🌶️ Green Chili Sauce

🔥 Mango Habanero BBQ

🍂 Cranberry Spice (Seasonal)

🍒 Dark Cherry Bourbon (Award Winning)

Prepare for a flavor journey like no other!

Our 6 Sauces

Our Mission

Our mission goes beyond crafting the finest all-natural sauces – it's about creating moments of pure delight and togetherness, where families, both two-legged and four, come together with joy in their hearts. We guarantee our sauces will leave you yearning for one thing: more. Get ready to savor the flavor and spread the smiles!

Family BBQ

Meet the Big Dogs

Dan and Phyllis.png

Dan and Phyllis Lloyd

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Founders & CEO

Big Dog Mike

Michael Diamond

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Co-Owner & Chief Technical Officer

Our Partners

BBQ Bandits
Jump Towns Test Kitchen
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