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Big Dog Sauce 6 Sauces

As Seen On

Neal and Marga - 95.7 WZID - Will you Eat it Wednesday

Neal and Marga's "Will You Eat It Wednesday" on NH's own 95.7 WZID adds an extra layer of excitement with the recent great review of Big Dog Sauce. The dynamic duo brings their infectious enthusiasm to showcase the culinary wonders of Big Dog Sauce, making the segment not just a fun-filled culinary exploration but also a celebration of the acclaimed flavors that have captured the attention and approval of discerning palates. Wednesday mornings are now a flavorful rendezvous, where Neal and Marga share laughter, unique food items, and the outstanding reviews that Big Dog Sauce has garnered.

Neal and Marga 95.7 WZID

WMUR Fred Kocher - NH Business

Fred Kocher, the host of the NH Business segment airing Sundays on WMUR, seamlessly weaves the success story of Big Dog Sauce into his exploration of businesses based out of New Hampshire. As he navigates the landscape of local entrepreneurship, Fred skillfully incorporates the savory excellence of Big Dog Sauce into the broader discussion of regional achievements. Sundays on WMUR transform into a compelling blend of business insights and gastronomic appreciation, with Fred Kocher spotlighting the flavors that have earned outstanding reviews for the renowned Big Dog Sauce.

WMUR - NH Business

The Food Dude Bruce Newbury

The Food Dude Bruce Newbury out of NH elevates the epicurean experience with a spotlight on the fantastic Big Dog Sauce. In his engaging discussions, Bruce not only adds his own culinary insights but also praises the delectable qualities of Big Dog Sauce, turning his show into a flavorful journey filled with laughter and appreciation for the outstanding reviews this savory sensation has earned. Tune in to savor the lively banter and celebrate the culinary excellence of Big Dog Sauce with The Food Dude on the airwaves.

The Food Dude - Bruce Newbury

Best of 603 Nominee 2022 and 2023

Big Dog Sauce has proudly received nominations in both 2022 and 2023 for the esteemed Best of the 603 accolades. Recognized within this vibrant celebration of local excellence, Big Dog Sauce stands as a nominee, symbolizing the community's acknowledgment of its outstanding contributions to the culinary landscape. The nominations serve as a testament to the savory allure and widespread acclaim that Big Dog Sauce has garnered, making it a standout contender in the Best of the 603 showcase for consecutive years.

Best of 603
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