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Here's the updated product description for the Maple BBQ Sauce with the new packaging options:

Discover the rich, smoky flavors of New Hampshire with Big Dog Sauce Company’s Maple BBQ Sauce, now available in a variety of wholesale sizes to meet your needs. Choose from 1-gallon jugs, full cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles, and half cases of twelve 12oz or 5oz bottles. Please note that cases cannot be mixed and matched.

Perfect for culinary professionals and grill masters alike, our sauce is crafted from all-natural ingredients, sweetened with pure New Hampshire maple syrup, and free from high fructose corn syrup, additives, and preservatives. These jugs and bottles are ideal for marinating meats, offering your customers a health-conscious choice that does not compromise on taste.

Enhance your meat counter with our Maple BBQ Sauce, and provide your patrons the opportunity to create mouthwatering dishes that radiate with the authentic charm of New England. Stock up on our Maple BBQ Sauce in your preferred packaging options and assure your customers the best in quality and flavor for their culinary adventures.

Maple BBQ - Wholesale

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